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Site Selection Factors

Area Development has released the results of its annual Corporate Survey. ‘Availability of skills labour’ was noted as the single most important site selection factor, followed closely by ‘labour cost’.

These results demonstrate that workforce is the most important aspect that businesses look for when considering new locations. Other important site selection factors include:

  • Highway accessibility

  • Corporate tax rate

  • Tax exemptions

  • Quality of life

  • State and local incentives

Combined these factors provide a perspective on how businesses make decisions regarding new investments. Over 80% of investment decision makers said that these factors were ‘important’ or ‘very important’.

As you are thinking about attracting investment to your community, you need to understand these factors as well as how to position your community to get in front of prospective investors.

Feel free to get in touch with us (1800-940-990 or if you want to discuss attracting investment to your community.

Site Selection Factors

Source: Area Development (2019)

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