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Economic Development & Tourism

Livingstone Shire Economic Development Plan ​

Lucid Economics recently completed the Livingstone Shire Economic Development Plan. The project provides strategic direction for economic development over the next four years as well as a detailed action plan. Analysis of the local economy and consultation with stakeholders was conducted to better understand the core drivers and future economic growth opportunities. 

City of Armadale Economic Development Strategy 

Lucid Economics recently completed the Armadale Economic Development Strategy. The project included detailed analysis of the local economy, various trends and the identification of future growth areas. Various workshops with Council staff, management and elected officials were conducted as well as engagement with a range of stakeholders. The Strategy provides clear direction for the future economic development of the area as well as a detailed implementation plan. 

City of Perth Tourism Priorities 

Lucid Economics provided a detailed review of the tourism sector in the City of Perth and consulted with key stakeholders. This input was used to identify the key priority actions for the City of Perth to encourage and support the growth of tourism in the City.  

Brisbane Tourism Infrastructure Development 

As part of a consortium, Lucid Economics provided detailed projections of visitors, visitor nights and expenditure for Brisbane based on current tourism infrastructure under construction as well as a series of potential future scenarios. The projections were used to help inform what tourism infrastructure is required to transition Brisbane into a leisure destination. The future potential economic value of this transition was also identified. 

Property Development  

Noosa Hotel Market Demand and Feasibility ​

Lucid Economics recently completed a market demand and feasibility study for a new hotel development in Noosa. The project considered the local competitive market as well as current and future likely demand profiles to recommend a specific hotel product to maximise revenue potential. 

Pilbara Eco-Tourism Development 

Lucid Economics conducted a detailed business plan for a new eco-tourism development in the Pilbara. The project included a detailed market assessment as well as development of the project scope, which will include eco-safari tents, tours, art gallery and restaurant. 

Minta Farm Precinct Review ​

On behalf of the City of Casey, Lucid Economics provided an independent review of the Minta Farm Precinct Structure Plan (PSP). The review included analysis of future development potential across commercial office and industrial land uses as well as future employment capability of the precinct. 

Broome Residential Market Assessment ​

On behalf of a private developer, a detailed assessment of the Broome residential market was undertaken, considering current and future market conditions as well as analysis of product type, sales rates and volumes. The analysis informed the design of a new residential development. 

Toowoomba Industrial and Residential Property Analysis 

Lucid Economics conducted a detailed review of industrial land in Toowoomba to support the change of use application for a development site, transitioning the land from industrial to residential. 

Economic & Industry Analysis 

Wave Park Feasibility 

On behalf of a private investor, Lucid Economics conducted a feasibility assessment for a future potential surf wave park. The analysis included development of a demand profile, pricing strategy and discounted cash flow assessment to identify a return on investment and annual operating cash flows. 

Economic Value of Events Sector 

Lucid Economics recently completed an evaluation of the events sector for the Logan City Council. The assessment reviewed and identified all recent events (sporting, theatre, business events, etc.) as well as the corresponding visitation and expenditure. The analysis identified the total value of events to the local economy in terms of jobs and Gross Regional Product, which will inform future tourism policy. 

Economic Impact of Professional Netball on the Sunshine Coast​

On behalf of the Sunshine Coast Council, Lucid Economics conducted an economic impact assessment of the Sunshine Coast Lightning professional netball team. The analysis included detailed review of ticket sales and operations of the team locally and quantified the team's economic impact on the region as well as the marketing value of the team for the region. 

Impact Assessment of the Perth Convention Bureau ​

Lucid Economics conducted an economic and social impact assessment for the Perth Convention Bureau regarding the contribution of business events to Western Australia. The analysis is conducted annually and supports the reporting of KPIs, including delegate days and direct delegate expenditure. 

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