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Economic Development & Tourism
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Economic development and tourism are about growing your community and ensuring a vibrant future for all through increasing jobs and investment. Communities around Australia and the world have leveraged economic and tourism development to achieve significant results.


Through our economic development and tourism practice, we work with Government and other economic development and tourism organisations across Australia to put in place effective and practical programs and initiatives that yield tangible results. Our team includes seasoned professionals that have successfully worked in economic development and tourism to generate hundreds of millions in investment and thousands of jobs.

  • Economic Development Strategy

  • Tourism Strategy

  • Industry Development

  • Investment Attraction

Our Work Areas
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Property Development

Property development and land-use planning are about making informed decisions. We use a wide variety of research and analysis to ensure property developers and investors are making wise and well-informed investment decisions. We work across a variety of asset classes including residential, retail/commercial, industrial, tourism and aged care/retirement living.


At the same time, we use our tools and practical experience to work with local and state government to ensure land-use planning and strategy reflects market need and trends as well as encapsulates the practical (and commercial) realities of property development.

Our Work Areas
  • Demand/Needs Assessment

  • Land Demand Studies

  • Market Assessments and Due Diligence

  • Structure Planning & Precinct Planning

  • Development Feasibility

  • Economic Impact Studies


  • Growth Plans

  • Marketing and Business Development

  • Economic Transition and Diversification

  • Business Expansion and Retention Programs

Economic & Industry Analysis

There is plenty of data and stats available, but the numbers are not the answer. It is the practical and applied analysis of the data that provides insights and creates value.  It is the story and the picture that the analysis creates that translates into an actual understanding of the current situation and helps to frame the future path. We make complex analysis easy to understand and usable to inform a wide variety of strategic, policy and investment decisions.

Through the applied and practical use of economics and financial analysis, we provide clear insights and help solve our clients' unique problems.

Our Work Areas
  • Economic and Industry Analysis

  • Tourism and Visitation Analysis

  • Economic Impact Assessment

  • Business Case Development

  • Market Assessments

  • Population and Demographic Analysis

  • Financial Analysis and Business Planning

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

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