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Walmart Opens New Distribution Centre

Walmart has opened its sixth import distribution centre in Mobile, Alabama, consisting of a 240,000 sqm, cross docked facility. The project represents $135m in investment and will create 750 new jobs. Read More.

This centre focuses solely on receiving imports from overseas and distributing these products to the Walmart network of regional distribution centres that support individual stores. As the Australian population continues to grow, there will be an ever-increasing demand for freight and logistics, which will drive an evolution of individual distribution networks across the country. Individual distribution centres will continue to get bigger, which will drive these facilities further from numerous key port facilities, which don't have the required volume of industrial land.

Understanding the drivers of this sector and how these facilities support a variety of retail chains is important to recruiting future private sector investment from this sector. Give us a shout if you want to discuss how you can attract industrial facilities like this to your community (1-800-940-990 or

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